Liberty in our lifetime

Why do "small government" Republicans want to control our bodies? Why do "civil liberties" progressives want to ignore your right to self defense? Why do both sides want to run your business how they see fit?

If you're like me you're done with the authoritarianism, hypocrisy and status quo.

Join me in refusing to abide the false dichotomy

On the Issues:

Parents: Keep those property tax dollars and spend them on your child's education how you see fit. The idea is called School Choice, and in Arizona they've recently voted to allow parents up to $7,500 per child to use on private academies, tutors, online curriculum or whatever mix seems to work best for their child. No more one-size-fits-all education monopoly.

Workers: Keep more of your paycheck. When the state gets out of your pockets, your bosses' pockets and those of the customer everyone will be more prosperous and more able to keep money in our own community where it belongs.

Employers: It's your business. Literally, it's not the state's business to tell you when to close, who to serve or who to employ.

Women - The right to an abortion is protected in your right to privacy. A conversation with your doctor, and medical action plan are private, the state does not get to insert itself into that doctor's office to make a judgement based on the conversation had between patient and professional, that would be a gross violation of privacy.
Further, from the Libertarian Party platform: "Rights should not be denied or abridged on the basis of sex. We call for repeal of all laws discriminating against women, such as protective labor laws and marriage or divorce laws which deny the full rights of men and women. We oppose all laws likely to impose restrictions on free choice and private property. Recognizing that abortion is a very sensitive issue and that people, including libertarians, can hold good-faith views on both sides, we believe the government should be kept out of the question."

Environment: Pollution in our waterways and aquifers is rife due to the overcultivation of crops which often require subsidies to even be profitable. Hemp can make biofuels, building materials, textiles, et c - decriminalizing cannabis in Texas and stopping the subsidies to cotton farms will encourage growth of this miracle plant, which could even be a no-harm monocrop.

Taxes: Keep the fruits of your labor. You're a better judge of what to do with it than some bureaucrat who's just going to hand it to their biggest donor or pet project. Let's keep taxes as low as possible so we can all prosper, and when our cup runneth over, you decide which cup gets the overflow.

Guns: Keep them too, all of them. Hell, buy a tank, but always remember to respect the Non-Aggression Principle.

Sex: Decriminalize sex work. Adults don't need their hand held by the state.

Drugs: It's way past time to face the facts: drugs won the war on drugs. It's a classist, protectionist institution that only serves to line the pockets of cartels, big pharma and CIA black budgets. I will work to end it in Texas from day 1.

Rock n Roll: ZZ Top is my spirit animal.