About Dan

Think locally, act locally

Dan's hometown is Dripping Springs, Texas, just west of Austin. If his goofy 2019 campaign ever came to fruition you might now know it as Pound Town.

Dan is a lifelong advocate for personal & financial freedoms, philanthropy, and peace. He's spurred to run for office due to a a firm belief in upholding the rights of individuals to live their lives free from unnecessary constraints and interference.

After a brief stint abroad after high school he secured a Political Science Bachelor’s Degree from Texas State University, as well as a certificate for Full Stack Web Development from UT’s Center for Professional Education.

While at Texas State he co-founded that chapter of Young Americans for Liberty and ran for Mayor of San Marcos on a small government platform. In addition he was an ardent supporter of liberty-minded candidates, from local offices all the way up to president during Ron Paul's historic run in 2008.

He is now the vice-chair of the Travis County Libertarian Party executive committee. 

He’s been working mostly in the startup world in Austin since 2011, and recently became a homeowner along with his wife Rebecca in Manchaca where they live with their dog Willie and cat Peanut. 

Dan is a 7th generation Texan, and grandson of legendary NFL coach Bum Phillips.