On the Issues

Employees: Maximize your income retention. By reducing state intervention in personal, employer, and consumer finances, we foster greater prosperity and local economic resilience. I advocate for the autonomy of educators and state workers in managing their retirement funds, opposed to mandatory contributions into government-regulated programs.

Employers: Uphold your managerial autonomy. The prerogative to operate your enterprise should remain unencumbered by unnecessary state directives regarding operational hours, clientele, or staffing decisions.

Taxation: Empower individuals as the primary stewards of their earnings. I advocate for minimal taxation, enabling citizens to optimize their financial resources for personal and community growth, thereby mitigating undue influence of governmental allocation.

Parents: Redirect property tax allocations toward personalized education initiatives. Embracing the concept of School Choice, I propose empowering parents with a stipend of $10,000 per child, allowing for tailored educational solutions, including private academies, tutoring services, and online curricula.

Women's Rights: Safeguard individual privacy rights in medical settings and advocate for gender equality in legislation. I oppose discriminatory laws and advocate for the repeal of statutes impeding personal choice.

Immigration: The current immigration system is plagued by long processing times and bureaucratic hurdles, leaving many immigrants in limbo for years. It's no wonder they skirt the law. the 99% of immigrants who only desire a better life have no way to immigrate legally. We need a return to the streamlined, Ellis Island style acceptance we used to embrace. This will free up billions of dollars to meaningfully pursue the 1% of people who do wish to do us harm. 

Environmental Policy: Address environmental degradation stemming from agricultural practices incentivized by government subsidies. I encourage the cultivation of hemp as a sustainable alternative. I also advocate for corporate accountability and the abolition of government bailouts for environmental offenders.

Firearm Regulation: Uphold Second Amendment rights while adhering to non-aggression principles. I support responsible gun ownership and respect individual liberties.

Sex Work: Advocate for the decriminalization of adult consensual activities. Recognizing personal agency and individual autonomy, we reject unnecessary state intervention in private matters.

Drug Policy: Acknowledge the failure of the current war on drugs and propose progressive reforms. By addressing the socioeconomic disparities perpetuated by existing policies, we prioritize ending the cycle of criminalization, benefiting public health and community welfare.

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